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Specializing in advanced LNP technology to enhance delivery of therapeutics and effectiveness, ensuring precise immunological responses.

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Our technology covers methods of synthesizing lipids, specialty ionizable lipids, LNP compositions, & RNA sequence design


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Genetic therapies are set to change our lives, we are in a turning period of humankind. In Certest we develop effective and targeted LNPs to deliver next generation medicines.

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At Certest Pharma, we value the unique combination of specialized expertise and fresh perspectives. Our team brings together industry-leading experts in the pharmaceutical sector and passionate local talent, working together to tackle global health challenges.

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Shaped by Industry-leading Experts, Driven by Innovation, Strengthened by Local Talent

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At Certest Pharma, we specialize in ionizable lipids and RNA technology. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. By joining forces, we can achieve greater advancements in therapeutic innovation. Our experienced team is here to support projects at all stages, from startups to advanced phases, using our exclusive platforms in RNA chemistry and LNP formulation.

Our ultimate goal is to benefit society through groundbreaking healthcare solutions. We are open to collaborations that foster progress and share our vision of making a meaningful impact on global health.

At Certest Pharma, we are actively engaged in licensing and sublicensing agreements with CDMOs to scale up the GMP production of our ionizable lipids. These strategic partnerships are integral to our mission of broadening market access to our advanced lipid technologies. By leveraging the manufacturing prowess of CDMOs, we aim to extend our reach, ultimately aiding a larger segment of the population with our high-quality, innovative lipid solutions.

Embracing innovation and partnership, Certest Pharma welcomes co-development projects to enhance therapeutic delivery using our state-of-the-art ionizable lipids, crucial in LNP technology. Our expertise is not limited by the stage or size of your project. We’re eager to collaborate, combining our strengths to bring improved solutions to the market, ultimately benefiting those in need. Join us in this journey to transform healthcare with advanced lipid-based therapies.

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